5 Morning Routine Habits That Make My Life Easier As A Busy Stay At Home Mom


Mornings are the most hectic part of my day 😜. I learned really quickly after having my third kiddo, Mackenzie, that I needed to find something that set me up to have a good day. A solid morning routine helps me deal with my anxiety and it makes a major difference throughout my day.

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Everyone’s ideal morning routine will be a little different, so the suggestions on the list are meant to be a starting point, not a step-by-step guide. A morning routine might also involve some adapting, maneuvering, and adjusting. For example, waking up a little earlier than your kids to fit in a workout. Don’t be afraid to experiment with what works for you, and remember that the key is consistency.

1. Move your body

I’m a firm believer that working out in the morning has changed my life. My day goes by smoother. I am able to think more clearly and have more energy throughout the day. I stopped making excuses and found something that works for me. Lately, I’ve been loving to do a 30 minute workout on the myxfitness. I get bored really easy so I mix in some Beachbody workouts too! They have so many workout options that I don’t have to think about it too much. I have a system in place that I enjoy and works for my busy mama life🙋🏻‍♀️. But it’s different for everyone, find something you can stick with (like going for a walk with your kids) — consistency is truly the key.

Our Mornings

2. Get ready

As a SAHM it’s easy to neglect yourself. I’m guilty of this! We are busy with little ones and finding time for yourself is hard. That’s why I am a true believer of routine, it makes a huge difference. I workout and get in the shower right after. I layout my clothes the night before and I don’t give myself too much time to talk myself out of it. Getting ready varies depending on my day. But as a SAHM I find that putting on my watch and shoes in the morning lets my body and mind know that it is time to start my day and get to WORK 💪🏼. Also, if I am leaving the house I add sunscreen, I use this one Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40) and a light tint ILIASuper Serum Skin Tint and blush to my routine and done — simple but it works!

3. Eat Breakfast

For me, this is a Protein Shake. I’ve never been a breakfast person and this way I know what I am having six mornings out of the week (Sundays are meant for pancakes & waffles). I change the flavor depending the ingredients I have on hand and fruit I’m craving. The kids love it too so this is a bonus! Start with five to seven breakfast recipes you and your family truly enjoy and rotate them. Your kids start to remember the ingredients and they’ll start to help and learn recipes too. Trust me, it works! I use this protein powder Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein

Eat Breakfast

4. Write Down Your Top Three

Write out 3 – 5 things you want to accomplish for Y•O•U during the day. This will be different for everyone. The first week I started doing this I wrote; workout, take vitamins, and eat three balanced meals. Notice I didn’t write eat healthier — this is because you simply want to get into the routine of writing your top three and then actually getting them done. Once these three habits become a routine start to add more to the list. You can find my free weekly promise sheet to get started down below. See how long you can go without breaking a promise to yourself — looking at it this way has changed so much for me. After a while your kids start to cheer you on and checking to make sure you kept your promise.

Weekly Promise Sheet

5. Get Your Kids Involved

This one depends on how old your little ones are. My kids are at an age where this is possible. I believe consistency and responsibility are some of the most important habits I can teach my kids. Their responsibilities vary according to age and change as they get older. They play a little part in helping mom and it makes a huge difference in our mornings.

Let me know what you do to streamline your mornings down below and come find me on instagram @sandroxxie

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