My Stay at Home Mom Journey


Growing up I never imagined being a mom, let alone a ‘stay at home’ mom. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m blessed to experience this journey with my children. I just never imagined this would be my path…. And honestly, it can be difficult to adapt and measure ‘success’ when you have so many opinions about motherhood. Looking back I was just scared that I wouldn’t be any good at it.

My journey to being a stay at home mom happened unplanned. My husband and I made the decision after finding out we were pregnant with our second child, Charlie. Many factors contributed to this decision but mostly, my husband’s schedule was out of control with work and I wanted consistency for my kids.

The stay-at-home mom journey was always the path I was meant to take.

In the Beginning

I had trouble adjusting in the beginning, not because I didn’t love being a mom, but because I found it hard to put my career on hold. At the same time, I didn’t want to miss a thing. I wanted to be there to wake up with them, help them get ready for school, and enjoy every milestone with them.

My husband’s schedule demanded so much of his time and energy that I felt alone a lot of the time. I’d never maintained a home and running a household while also trying to figure out motherhood was and still can be tough. I remember feeling a lot of guilt… I was given this opportunity and I felt divided. Growing up, both of my parents always worked and now most of my girlfriends were working moms too. I was definitely going about things differently and it made me wonder if I was doing the right thing. 

Something Changed

Something changed when I began to really pray about my purpose. I began to write (scribble much of the time) and really focus on finding activities that brought ME joy. I’ve always been creative and artsy so I found ways to incorporate doing more of that. I would write about; what I was feeling, what my goals where and a plan to get me there. This helped me so much! I organically began to embrace the journey of being a stay at home mom. I found a version of me, I never I knew I would enjoy so much, and I realized this was always the path I was meant to be on.

Start Doing This Today

If you get anything from reading this, I hope it encourages you to find little ways to take care of y-o-u-r soul too, mama! I love being a mom and I know you do too. But we have to take care of ourselves too because a better version of us makes for happier kiddos. So take the time to write down the answers to what truly brings y-o-u joy. What makes you a better human? What would you like to pursue if you found pockets of time during your day? What are you naturally good at and how can you use that to bring you closer to those goals?

In order for things to change you have to be willing to change and adapt along the way. The most important part though is that you have to be willing to dream and be unapologetic about what you want, this will help you set a plan in motion. Tackle little goals that allow you to get to the big goal. It might take a while but you will get there if you start visualizing, writing a plan down, and having the courage to S-T-A-R-T.

The blurry pictures are the best ones

NOTE TO ALL THE MAMAS: work-from-home, stay-at-home, working moms and all the moms, stop comparing yourself, stop being so hard on yourself. It all goes by way too fast for you to doubt yourself. This journey is tough enough without all the judgement out there. Whatever you decide to do, trust yourself and everything else will fall into place.

xo, Sandra

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